What do you need to know regarding Executive Order 14067 signed by Joe Biden on March 9, 2022?

Does Executive Order 14067 take us away from paper money, credit cards, and debit cards?

When does this Executive Order go into affect?

What does Executive Order have to do with The Great Reset?

What is the Internet of Bodies that Clay Clark refers to?

We did it! We sold our home in Minnesota, where we have lived for 95% of our married lives, and landed in Tennessee. We now live about 45 minutes south of Nashville and within 10 miles of our daughter and family with 4 grand kids. Now that we are settled in I have time and energy to get back to posting updates here on my website. So, here is what I have been looking into lately.

More Changes Are Coming

The past 2 years have brought us many changes. The Plandemic (COVID-19) was just one of the tools that the Elites of the world used to test people and prove they had the ability to control us. Some of us anyway.

Now we are hearing more about Climate Change again. Back in Minnesota Xcel Energy is pushing to close one of the last large coal powered generation plants there and convert the property to a solar farm. With the state already running short on electric generation capacity, that’s not a good plan.

So what’s next?

Leaders Need Control to Lead

Those who love control are now working on another way to control and track the population. How do they plan to do this? With “money” that they have complete control over. Money that you need for daily purchases. This is not money like we have today. The New Currency is called, CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency.

Remember how some people had their Social Media accounts turned off by Facebook, Twitter and others in the past couple years? Why did that happen? Because they questioned the way our government was operating. The Elites working with government leaders selected what could be discussed and what could not. They selected who good speak out publicly and who could not. Together, they controlled the “switch” to silence those they wanted to silence.

Now, they want even more power to silence voices who speak out against them. By controlling what people buy and sell by controlling the money, they can do this. The plan is to use CBDC.

Do Your Own Research But, Get Ready

This is not something that I fear or think others should fear. God is working out His plan for the good of those who love Him. I believe God wants us to be aware of the plans of the enemy so we can prepare and help others.

Here is one of the resources that I would start with for an overview of what is happening. Be sure to listen to the end when Lance shares about the Good News that is part of this.

Here are a few links to Executive Order 14067 and CBDC that I found.

Glen Beck about 14067 back in March 2022 shortly after Joe Biden signed the executive order.

Again, do your own research. Pray and ask the Lord to give you discernment and wisdom for the future.

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By Henry Griner

For over 25 years I operated my business, Mission Springs Marketing, where I helped ministries and churches, non-profit organizations and local businesses with their online operations and websites. As of December 31, 2022, I closed my business. I will still work on my own websites but will devote most of my time to family and ministry work with my wife Leslie.

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