Governor Walz

On March 13, 2020 Governor Walz enacted Emergency Executive Order 20-01, Declaring a Peacetime Emergency and Coordinating Minnesota’s Strategy to Protect Minnesotans from COVID-19.

Since that date he has issued 81 more Executive Orders including Emergency Executive Order 20-81, Requiring Minnesotans to Wear a Face Covering in Certain Settings to
Prevent the Spread of COVID-19.

As of August 6th that makes 146 days…

That is 146 days where our rights as individuals as free men and women under the Constitution have taken a back seat to the orders and plans of one man. Businesses have been closed, some may never reopen. People have lost jobs, children have lost weeks of school time and it looks like more to come this fall.

The July 2019 estimated population of Minnesota was 5.64 million people. The current COVID-19 deaths in Minnesota stands at 1,677. That comes out to .02973% of the population who are “reported” to have died of COVID-19. Having even one person die is sad and affects their family and friends. But how many thousands have been harmed by all the unconstitutional acts of our Governor and the Democratic leaders?

If you have had enough, contact these 7 State Representatives…

The next Special Session will be called by the Governor next week to extend his Emergency Powers.

Contact these seven DFL legislators and tell them to vote to End Walz’ Emergency Powers on August 13th. 

Rep Rob Ecklund – 651-296-2190 /

Rep Jeanne Poppe – 651-296-4193 /

Rep Dan Wolgamott – 651-296-6612 /

Rep Jeff Brand – 651-296-8634 /

Rep Brad Tabke – 651-296-8872 /

Rep Zach Stephenson – 651-296-5513 /

Rep John Persell – 651-296-5516 /

Here is the message that I emailed to them this evening…

In my 70 plus years living in Minnesota I have never seen so much damage to our economy, families, and businesses as I have witnessed in these past 4 ½ months. The unilateral decisions that Governor Walz has made with his Peacetime Emergency Powers seem anything but peaceful to the citizens of our state.

Your ongoing support for these Unconstitutional Powers that Governor Walz continues to push against all reason, makes you a partner in the destruction of our state. To date you have voted against our democratic form of government four times by standing with the Governor.

Enough already! I respectfully request that you Vote YES on August 13th to End Walz’ Emergency Powers. It is time to show you genuinely care for our state and people who you were elected to serve. If you want to continue to serve your voters, let us all know you are behind us.

Now it’s your turn. Call or email these Democratic State Representatives before August 13th!

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By Henry Griner

For over 25 years I operated my business, Mission Springs Marketing, where I helped ministries and churches, non-profit organizations and local businesses with their online operations and websites. As of December 31, 2022, I closed my business. I will still work on my own websites but will devote most of my time to family and ministry work with my wife Leslie.

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