The Goal of Transhumanism is Control of Individuals

Transhumanism is a philosophical and intellectual movement which advocates for the enhancement of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies that can greatly enhance longevity and cognition. It also predicts the inevitability of such technologies in the future


The contemporary meaning of the term “transhumanism” was foreshadowed by one of the first professors of futurology, a man who changed his name from Fereidoun M. Esfandiary to FM-2030 in the mid 1970’s. FM-2030 had a conviction that the years around 2030 would be a “magical” time. That people would be ageless and have everyone have a chance at living forever. What does that sound like?

“You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Gen. 3: 4-5

I’ve been a science fiction fan since my teenage years starting with my interest in astronomy in 8th grade. Television shows like Star Trek along with some of the early paperback Sci-fi books that I read opened my imagination to things not yet real.

After coming to Christ in 1982 I have found that those things that were only in books, TV shows and movies, in the minds of those authors and writers, often had a basis in reality. However, as I have come to learn, some of those were spiritual realities that were not part of God’s Kingdom. They were not part of God’s plan for His created children.

Today, in 2022, the idea of Transhumanism is a becoming a growing reality that has roots in the kingdom of darkness. The purposes that some proponents present seem good and valuable on the surface, but lead to loose of freedom and control of people.

The World Economic Forum Pushing the Reset Button

It’s time we connect the Dots Between COVID-19 / The Great Reset, Digital ID’s, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Klaus Schwab, 5G, and the RNA-Modifying COVID-19 Vaccines Agenda. This is a world-wide orchestrated operation with the goal being, The Great Reset! They have been looking at Transhumanism for several years.

You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy About It.

Klaus Schwab 2016
Now is the time for a ‘great reset’

If you do an online search you will find lots of websites discussing various aspects of Transhumanism. One of those speaking on the subject for the past year or more is Steve Bannon. This week Lance Wallau provided us with a look into what Transhumanism looks like from the perspective of Klaus Schwab and Dr. Yuval Noah Harari.

“Today, we have the technology to hack human beings on a massive scale”

Dr. Yuval Noah Harari talks about how humans are now “hackable animals”, no longer subject to the intelligent design of “some God above the clouds, but our intelligent design…”

He goes on to state that the idea of humans having free will is over. “Today, we have the technology to hack human beings on a massive scale,” he says.

People could look back in 100 years and identify the Coronavirus epidemic as the moment when a new regime of surveillance took over, especially surveillance under the skin…”

Connect to Lance Wallnau Podcast for the full story.

How Did We Get Here?

These ideas for building a Great Society and for humans to have an upgrade in evolution didn’t happen overnight. Many plans, laws and government policies have been enacted for decades here in the United States of America and other countries. As we look back over recent history from our vantage point today, it looks like there was a plan. Many world leaders and their helpers have been following The Plan to get us to this point.

Today there are more and more people and organizations that are coming together to expose the works of darkness. If you are ready to join in the fight and want to learn more, please visit these two website.

Remember, We ARE THE PLAN!… God’s plan. He is for us and will show us His truth when we ask.

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By Henry Griner

For over 25 years I operated my business, Mission Springs Marketing, where I helped ministries and churches, non-profit organizations and local businesses with their online operations and websites. As of December 31, 2022, I closed my business. I will still work on my own websites but will devote most of my time to family and ministry work with my wife Leslie.

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